Criteria for hiring talented web designers

Hiring a website designer. How to pre qualify them

If you are thinking about taking your business online, one of the most critical hires you will have is that of hiring web designers. With the right talents, you will not only get great customer satisfaction, but you will also rank highly with search engines. A web designer will create the face of your business and allow you to interact with your customers virtually. Without the right ‘face’ your clients may not be interested in anything you offer. These few tips will make it easy for you to choose a talented web designer.

Look for personality before experience

As a business, one of the first things you want is a person who can be a team player. For instance, you do not want to hire an experienced web designer who is great at what they do, but they are condescending, insolent and full of themselves. You want someone who can listen. A person who is willing to learn more about you and the business you are running.  You also need to consider the level of your business. An individual who has worked at a huge company may not help your startup because your startup needs a person who is adaptable, versatile and willing to take risks. Hiring for the personality allows you to get the right person for the job. They may not have all the years of experience but if they are willing to learn and adapt to what your business needs the better. It is easy for people to fake it at an interview so you may need other methods to test them out before you hire them.

Test them

If you think you have identified the right candidate, good for you. However, you still need to test them out and make sure that your decision is the right one. An excellent way to do that is to test them with a small project that is not critical. This will let you observe how they react to deadlines and their work ethic. You will get additional information not collected during the interview. How efficient are they in delivering products? Also, how good was the final product? Were your expectations met? Did they communicate effectively about the progress, delays, and problems faced? If they impress you, they will be worth hiring. If not, chances are they may not help your business grow and excel among the competition. At for example, they set up 3 interviews before hiring someone to make 100% certain that the applicant is honest, hard working and trust worthy. They ask different questions with the same expected goal or outcome, during all 3 interviews. All questions are meant to get the same answer. If there’s a discrepancy, that means, the applicant does not qualify for the job.

Aptitude for skills

In the tech industry, every two years, skills become obsolete. So it is always better to choose a person who is willing to learn with time rather than an individual who is sure they know everything in the industry. Such a person may not be ready to learn and adapt as the time goes. An excellent way to know a person who is willing to learn is to ask them questions that suggest they have been learning as they go. For instance, what programming languages have you learned recently? What are your favorite technology conferences?

Do not ask trivia questions about programming

Trivia questions would include, which years was PHP released? Unless your company is about such, they do not help. Some of the most skilled professionals focus on the language rather than who developed it and when. Trivia questions are a terrible way to determine whether a person is smart or not. They only show that a person is good at cramming things not learning. A rule of thumb is to ask questions that cannot be easily researched or found online. Open ended questions are an excellent way to know a person’s ability and knowledge about programming and handling issues.